Pillars of Defense

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Pillars of Defense


Footwork. Blocks. Head Movement. Clinch.

In boxing it can be said that there are 2 kinds of defense.

1) Aggressive

2) Passive

Aggressive defense is to evade your opponent’s punches in order to land your punch(es) immediately afterwards. This is counter-punching. Boxing jargon: Make him miss, make him pay!

Passive defense is to avoid your opponents punch (es) in order to escape and disengage from combat completely although momentarily.

Your defense should always be aggressive and only passive when necessary and appropriate. It is important for fighters to understand this distinction

4 Lines of defense

1) Foot work

  • • In & out (advance & retreat)
  • • Pendulum
  • • Circling /J-move
  • • Side Step
  • • Walk Off

2) Blocking

  • • Parrying
  • • Rolling
  • • Wedge block
  • • Hook jab

3) Head movement

  • • Slipping
  • • Ducking
  • • Leaning back

4) Clinching (Tying up)

  • • over arm
  • • under arm
  • • head push (this is technically not a clinch but still an effective means of nullifying an opponent)

Theses are the pillars of defense in boxing, so learn them well and protect yourself at all times!

by: Daron Abdullah J. Laban

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