The 4 Dimensions of Fighting

Improve your fitness level

Part 1: Skill Set

The 4 Dimensions of Fighting

Skill Set (A)

In developing your boxing skills there are no shortcuts! You must commit to perfecting your technique through excessive repetition under the guidance of an expert coach. In the beginning your movements will be stiff and excessive and this is normal.

The goal of constant repetition is to establish the correct neural pathways into your central nervous system such that you can perform the action without conscious effort. This is exactly how you learned how to walk, ride a bike, type on your laptop etc. In boxing we call this ‘muscle memory’.

Here is a nice analogy of how we create neural pathways.

Imagine this: To get home everyday you have to walk through a field of tall thick grass; at first it may be difficult, frustrating and time consuming. However, you continue to walk through the same path everyday and it becomes more clear and unchallenging. Eventually there will be an entrenched pathway that you walk through effortlessly even if blind folded.

The amount of repetition of a specific movement necessary to build muscle memory is debatable but most experts agree it is in the thousands. Your focus in the beginning should be correct form, then speed, not power. Shadowboxing in front of a mirror and hitting focus mitts with a coach or another skilled boxer is necessary in order to sharpen your technique and build the ‘right’ muscle memory.

Remember that repetition is the mother of skill!

by: Daron Abdullah J. Laban

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